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The story of a successful family business

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Steellux story sinse 1990

Our journey of expertise

Steellux company was founded more than 15 years ago, but its history began long before its opening, as this knowledge had been passed down through generations. My father, Oleh, started making professional manicure tools as early as 1990, when Ukraine gained its independence and the old factories were closed. It was necessary to find new niches to apply industry expertise. My father came up with the idea of manually sharpening nail scissors with the help of a microscope, pioneering this first-of-its-kind and unique technology.

I inherited this knowledge from my father. Over 10 years of practice and serving thousands of customers allowed me to refine and upgrade it. As a result, I founded the Steellux company to bring together the best sharpening and production techniques.

The highest quality sets our Steellux tools apart, making them the preferred choice for professionals, leaders, and educators in nail industry schools. Many clients also choose them for home use.

Our production facilities are located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Despite the full-scale aggressive war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, some of our specialists have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nevertheless, we persist in our work, continuing to bring joy to our customers with the premium quality of our manicure tools.

Before sharpening manicure tools, our Steellux specialists undergo extensive and ongoing training to upgrade their skills. They must strictly observe accuracy down to thousandths of a millimeter. All Steellux tools are hand-sharpened and ready for use.

Steellux represents a long-standing tradition of excellence and the highest quality!

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