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Zoom Sharpening of hairdressing tools Steellux
Zoom Sharpening of hairdressing tools Steellux
Sharpening Hairdressing Scissors and Clippers: The Art of Precision

In the world of hairstyling, precise and sharp tools are a necessity for achieving the highest standard of cutting and styling. One crucial aspect of this process is the sharpening of hairdressing scissors and clippers. In this article, we will explore the process of manual sharpening of these tools performed by highly skilled craftsmen under a microscope.

**Straight Scissors:**
Straight hairdressing scissors require accuracy and uniform sharpening of each blade. Craftsmen use high-precision tools and a microscope to analyze the sharpness, making every movement with maximum attention to detail.

Thinning Scissors:
Thinning scissors are typically used to create texture and soft transitions in cuts. Sharpening these scissors demands a high level of expertise as the precision of sharpening affects the final result of the haircut.

Slice-Cut Scissors:
These scissors are used for creating smooth cuts and working with texture. Precise sharpening ensures ease and smoothness of movement, allowing for the creation of impressive styles.

Clippers are an integral part of hairstyling equipment. Manual sharpening of clippers is performed with special care, as they require a unique approach to the blades to ensure flawless cutting.

Craftsmen performing sharpening use a microscope for a detailed analysis of each tool. This enables them to identify the smallest imperfections and ensure the sharpness is at the highest level.

All these sharpening processes demand extensive experience and technical expertise. Manual sharpening under a microscope has become an art ensuring that hairdressing tools perform at their maximum potential, assisting in creating unmatched styles for every client.

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Sharpening of hairdressing tools


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Sharpening of hairdressing tools



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